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Be on time for boat call

There simply is NO excuse for being late to the boat. Plan to be early so that you can help with the boat or simply relax and chat.

Do not bring extra weight to the boat

The ONLY items you need for a buoy race are foul weather gear and personal safety equipment. For a perfect weather forecast even the foul weather gear is optional! LIGHT IS FAST.

Make sure you have an understanding of the rules

Learn Terminology

Make sure you know the names of all lines, controls and what they do. Include sailing/wind terms such as “leeward”, “heading up” etc and all the points of sail ie; “beam reach”

Do Your Job

Concentrate on your role on the boat and go over each task that you’ll have to do. Make sure you are familiar and ask questions if you’re unsure. Promote a crew discussion on the rail so that each person knows what to do at the roundings. DO NOT step into someone else’s role (except for a safety issue).

Play tactician

Try to anticipate what is going to happen next. Anticipate possible maneuvers and be ready.

Be a team player

The best thing you can do is simply set a good example to your crewmates. When you talk on the boat, try to say constructive things without a lot of swearing, yelling, blaming or making excuses.

Limit the “off topic” chatter

Try to get involved in the race. Give feedback on waves, puffs, where the marks are, how the boat is doing against other boats etc.. We don’t need to know how your date went last night until after the race!

Plan ahead

Anticipate what will be required at the roundings and set up as early as possible. If you can prepare something without affecting boat speed then go for it

Continue to learn

Attend classes, go to seminars, read books subscribe to magazines – ASK questions.

Have Fun

It’s only a hobby!!

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