Non Race Debrief: June 12th 2013

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Wednesday evening race #5

North East (55) at 8-12 knots. Race course was 9 X (6 legs)

Seems like the over early is becoming a habit! Set up for a Port approach and tacked to starboard at about 50 seconds to go, ended up towards the pin end with no pressure from boats to leeward…Looks like we simply miss timed the start OR the race committee’s watch had a Mickey Mouse logo.

We struggled to get back to re round as we had a boat directly to leeward and windward. The technique here is to totally luff both sails to stop the boat and let the two boats sail past. I don’t think I did a great job in luffing the main as we seamed to sail a long way before being able to turn down!

Played the left up to mid course then tacked to port (this trick we learned last week for an Easterly component). Made big gains on Ricochet and easily crossed Hallel.

Gybed relatively early downwind, as did the rest of the fleet and came in on starboard for what ended up being a rushed Mexican douse inside of Addicted. pushed out to the right with Hallel to windward and behind us. Hallel had us pinned here for a while and by the time we had room to tack Trevor had a massive brain fart as we tacked and ducked even though we were on starboard! Interestingly Hallel decided that it OK to foul us for our stupidity.

Race was abandoned shortly afterwards due to incoming violent thunderstorms.

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