Race Debrief: August 28th 2013

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Wednesday evening race #16

North Westerly winds at 8-12 knots. Race course was 3 7 3 X

Small mistakes give up the first place…!!

Quite a large left shift and lull right at the start…see video:

Covered successfully and played a little to the left in the breeze down from the channel – rounded in first place. See video:

Early gybe was the move here…maintained our lead…maybe jib up a little early?. This was the Leeward rounding:

This is where the concentration slipped a little with some small mistakes on this beat, primarily letting Hallel go to the right of us 2/3 up the beat without covering. See video for rounding:

Gybed early again and managed to catch Hallel and beat them boat for boat. Finished second.

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