Race Debrief: August 7th 2013

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Wednesday evening race #13

North Westerly winds at 8-12 knots. Race course was 4 8 4 X 4

How to give away rockstar, win the boat start…!!

Vid says it all for the start:
Editors note:   Just watch carefully and you can see Suzi giving me the thumbs down just before the start, well done Suzi, too bad I didn’t follow your lead.

Not much choice but to bang the right corner after re rounding, which turned out not too bad…recovered somewhat. Played the puffs and lulls and angles better than a lot of boats downwind to put us back in touch with Hallel – did a much better job of holding the chute with inside overlap to get in front…See vid:

Big mistake on second downwind rounding – should have waited for Scooter to gybe first or not gybed at all – gave away a place here:
Editors note:   I should verbalize less and keep my frustration to myself!

Ended up finishing 5th…

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