Race Debrief: July 17th 2013

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Wednesday evening race #10

South Westerly winds at 5-12 knots. Race course was 1 4 1 4 X

It’s all about the start…!!

Lot’s of video to share today..The start was pin favored (even though we got a little confused on this and did not check the line). Went for the pin as the left phase and breeze was on the left!

Followed “Peerless” and banged the left corner, one tack on the layline ahead of everyone. The whole course was a bit of a parade with us being able to lay the mark (#4) from #1, so we gybed early and just sailed fast. First Leeward rounding is on video below:

Covered “Hallel” upwind, but essentially went all the way to the left Port layline again. See the rounding on video below: Nice recovery when the spinnaker jammed into the jib hanks!

Extended our lead once again…Covering all the way. Second leeward rounding below:

Nice win with a 2nd in fleet…

PS: A lot of the div 1 boats were not racing due to the Mac race, also “Ricochet” did not race.

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