Race Debrief: Sep 4th 2013

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Wednesday evening race #17

North Westerly winds at 8-10 knots. Race course was 3 1 X 3 X 3

Don’t go to that layline too early…!!

Good solid start towards the boat (boat was favored by 10 degrees). Tacked a little too early and let Ricochet and Desperado get leverage on the left.

A few words about getting to the starboard layline a long way from the mark…”DONT DO IT”. We were tacked on by Desperado and Ricochet, also tactically you loose the ability to play any shifts and increase your chances of over standing. We corrected this mistake on the second beat to number three mark and made massive gains when we tacked below the layline and were almost lifted to the mark. See video:

Parade from 3 to 1 and from 1 to X but actually made some gains and rounded third with Ricochet and Desperado about 10-15 lengths in front.

Here is the video of the second windward rounding that I talked about:

Solid race, ended up 4th with “Chicken soup” correcting over Ricochet into second place.

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