M24 via “You Tube” Spinnaker set and douse

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Lesson # 3
Trevor’s comments:

  • Only one person leaves the rail…prefeeding the tack and helping the chute go up the middle of the boat
  • Chute always comes out the bag.
  • Do not leave the rail until boat flattens (especially if pinching to the mark)
  • No panic, no rush
  • Halyard and pole out happen together
  • Jib trim (amount that it is eased) is important


  • Get hands on the foot of the sail, then halyard
  • Sail trim needs to match the turning angle (don’t trim in too early)
  • Tactitian helps with mainsheet
  • Looks like most boats release tack line and halyard once the gather has begun – deal with the pole later.

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