Race Debrief: August 14th 2013

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Wednesday evening race #14

North Westerly winds (315) at 8-12 knots. Race course was 3 7 3 X 3

Solid race – gave away to Desperado at the end…!!

Played the breeze up the middle, as we did a lot of the race. Turned out that hard right paid off slightly better and got to the windward mark close to the leaders but in around 3rd or fourth place. Pulled off a beautiful early gybe to gain big!…see video of first leeward rounding:

“Spectra” got ahead of us on the second beat – probably by banging hard right (which we never tried)

Should have gybed earlier on the second downwind which caused us to lose some ground to “Desperado”. Some more vid from the second windward rounding:

Final light air beat – we are in second covering Desperdo, with Spectra clearly in the lead….Big, big mistake from Trevor deciding to not cover Desperado out to the left at the end of this beat….Lost to Desperado – Oops!!

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