Race Debrief: July 3rd, 2013

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Wednesday evening race #8

Westerly winds at 1-5 knots. Race course was 2 7 2 8 X (Shortened/changed to 2 9 2 X)

Birthday cruise…!!

For the start we have video from the new Gopro camera…see below;

If you listen to the vid, I mention maybe we might need to go left (twice) and Melissa mentions the breeze going left. Hmmm we went right a little too long had Desparado and Robyn beat us to the windward mark.

Lost a place to Ricochet downwind with a gybe that was too late and allowing them to roll us – probably need more people looking back upwind!

Went back to the left for the next upwind but half way up this leg the wind shut off almost completely. Ricochet played the right which paid off. We rounded back in third behind Ricochet and Desparado and sailed well in VERY light air to keep the third place.

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