Race Debrief: June 19th 2013

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Wednesday evening race #6

Northwest (290) wind at 8-12 knots. Race course was 2 7 2 7 1 (Shortened to 4 legs)


Boat was 10 deg favored – Our first attempt to be close to the boat failed and we started at the pin end with two division one boats rolling us! Fortunately the start was a general recall. Second start we were more successful and were approaching mid line, at 10 seconds to go we were fouled by Robyn bearing down onto us and not keeping clear.

A word about the new personnel on board today – very refreshing to have John Vanzee with us who helped tremendously with our start positioning and tactics, but also initiated a polite conversation with Robyn (and Ricochet later on) after fouls. “Helm is over” ?? “I think I’m drunk with power”.

“Mr Willy” also showed great enthusiasm and was a joy to have on board as a new sailor.

Played the left side due to the bad start, but tacked as soon as we had a clear lane as our comp were on the right. Leebowed Hallel to take them back right and played up the middle to mark 2. Rounded in second 10 boat lengths behind Ricochet. Gybed early and followed Ricochet with more speed – decided to separate when Ricochet gybed (we believed too early) back to starboard. At the crossing towards the leward mark we were on starboard and forced Ricochet to gybe and pinned them out to gybe back to the mark in front.

Ricochet tacked early to go left, we held out as other comp were crossing our stern to go right. We ended up splitting the difference with the cover but kept to the right of Ricochet, Due to the left phase this gave Desparado the lead with us converging with Ricochet at the mark…Read rule 18.3 (a), Ricochet tacked to Starboard below us but within the three boat length circle and proceeded to shoot the mark forcing us above close hauled to avoid a collision…Another polite conversation initiated by John on our boat, but no exoneration by Ricochet!

Last downwind was uneventful and light with Desparado and Ricochet maintaining a small lead for us to take 3rd. As usual the boat handling was a joy to behold – well sailed everyone…The growler of Vivant farmhand also tasted pretty good!

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