Race Debrief: May 8th 2013

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Wednesday Spring Challenge, this race does not count towards the regular Wed night series (Thanks be to Allah).

Westerly wind at 8-10 knots with some lighter breeze, 5-8 knots especially towards the end. Race course was 2 X, 5legs (This was shortened to 4 legs).

I have always said that the start is 95% of the race, so when we do not show up..our final race result was reflected!
There was a left shift just prior to the start and the first Melges played the Left side, we recovered somewhat from the late start and used the Left side. Second half of the beat we crossed sterns to go back to the right (In hind sight maybe a slight mistake). We were in touch with Ricochet and had a great downwind, gybing early then cutting inside to be almost ahead of Ricochet. He had overlap and executed a perfect rounding putting us in a bad spot – we proceeded to do some of the famous “Sailing backwards”. Totally played the Left side which of course by now was the wrong place – more breeze on the Right. This pretty much locked in our position 10-15 boat lengths behind Ricochet.

A great sail with well executed boat handling and lots of practice with the spinnaker.

We should continue to work on our team building and communication, with a possible use of a “WTF Trevor” card. ie; Crew holds up card and says why are we so far from the start in light wind with 4 minutes to go!! I endorse this message!

Go team…Well sailed.
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